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I provide professional, certified fitness programmes designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.


A healthier you!

Lifting weights is one of my favorite activity to do at the gym, so much so that I started powerlifting in August 2022. Lifting heavy weights and become as strong as I can be is my goal and although your goal might not be the same, building muscles is fundamental to lose fat and keep your body strong and healthy.
Let me help you get healthier and stronger with a unique program developed for you to help you burn calories, build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism and improve your overall health.



Look good, feel good.

Health & fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside!
I believe mobility and flexibility are very underrated, but to me are a very important part of any fitness journey to help prevent injury, to help improve/develop proprioception, to enhance performance and muscle growth, to simply improve lifestyle and daily activities.
I will help your body and mind find the right balance.



Strength & stamina

Training together can have many benefits, it keeps you motivated, it gives you the chance to socialize and a little competition can help you get out of your comfort zone to reach your goal.
Whether your goal is fat loss, strength of flexibility, there is class for everything!


Level 2 fitness instructor
Level 3 personal trainer diploma.
Level 3 diploma in teaching yoga (practitioner)
Level 3 diploma in intermediate Pilates
CPD in advanced resistance training

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