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Yoga it's not just what you see on social media, all these super flexible and super fit women doing impossible contortion with their body, the truth is, that is just a little part of it.

Yoga has more to do with the connection of mind, body and soul and performing the postures is one way of creating that connection.

Yoga doesn't care about your gender, weight, ethnicity, political and religious beliefs, professional success, or your is for


Yoga has the powerful ability to change your life in the best way possible, by acting on the nervous system, through breathing and poses, it gives you the opportunity to relax both your body and your mind and with time, you will be able to bring that calm into your every day life even when you are not on the mat.

Regular yoga practice can be very helpful for your body too; you can increase joint mobility, muscle flexibility and strength, improve balance, coordination and bodily functions.

Whether you have a sedentary or a hectic job; you are an athlete or you have never done any physical activity in your life; you like to travel or you prefere to stay indoor, yoga has a place in everybody's life!

It is a great addition to any workout programme as it can help enhance your perfomance, reduce risks of injury and help create a better mind-body connection.

If you are not into sports or you don't like the gym, adding a little yoga practice to your week might be just what you need to keep your body active and your mind relaxed.