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"Elisa is a very professional trainer. She helped me a lot during last year, and our collaboration is still going today. We had a one-to-one class session every week. Thanks to Elisa, I learned to know my body shapes, helped me to strengthen my muscles, and improve my posture by correcting my ways of doing some exercises. We were also focused on daily stretching due to the fact that I have a very sedentary job. Training sessions have always been well balanced and I feel much better after one year of training."

"Attenzione e professionalità, lezioni personalizzate e mirate a stare bene a tutto tondo. Grazie a Elisa respiro meglio, dormo meglio, sono più rilassato, e ho acquisito più libertà nei movimenti e più flessibilità. Consigliatissima!"

"Elisa is a fantastic personal trainer! My partner and I wanted to do some sessions together as we both lacked confidence in the gym and wanted to learn how to lift safely. We both got on well with Elisa, not only does she teach you how to use the gym effectively, she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the science behind exercise. Elisa is very encouraging so we both now feel motivated to continue on our fitness journey. I would definitely recommend booking sessions with Elisa!"

"Elisa is an amazing trainer. Her calm instructions, combined with her knowledge of physiology, gave me the confidence to try more challenging poses. I participate in the Splits Class twice a week and I am very nearly there! Elisa teaches in a way that encourages progression in a safe and effective way. Recommend 100%!"

I would like to appreciate Elisa for all the time she has dedicated to making me a better version of myself. She is a highly skilled professional and one of the greatest individual I know. Not only is she a coach who cares about your physical shape, but she is also a friend you can rely on. She has answer to nearly all the questions you might have regarding nutrition, physical exercise, gym equipment, and can provide guidance on other topic related to your well-being. Elisa is the one who motivates me to go to the gym regularly and most importantly, with pleasure. I truly hope that we will share many more happy moments together and reach my next bench press goal of 70kg!

"Elisa not only is helping mean getting stronger but also more confident in training.
Elisa has gone above and beyond in making sure we train safely and progress at a pace that we make sure I do't get injures.
Having hyper mobility has impacted a lot my ability to practice sports and go to the gym. Before meeting Elisa, I was getting injuries all the time, which would put me immediately off training. I would think <oh, I can't train, this is not for me>
Elisa made sure to learn more about my condition and how to best support me. Since training with Elisa, I now believe that I can train.
I can lift and I can get stronger without the fear of hurting myself. 
She reminded me that my journey is my journey and that that there is nothing wrong with tannin things slower- consistency is the key!
P.S. she also converted me into enjoying Pilates and yoga!

"I trained with Elisa consistently for 4 months, 2 to 3 times per week. Not only did I experience dramatic progress in my strength/flexibility goals, I also learned beautiful techniques for safely lifting heavy weights. Elisa’s friendly, easy-going nature makes sessions so enjoyable that I actually look forward to our meetings each week. Her positive energy, sincere compassion, and playful personality make me excited to push myself to new limits. I highly recommend Elisa to anyone who wants a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and supportive trainer."

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