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My story in a nutshell...

I was very unhealthy for most of my life, I was drinking too much, I had bad eating habits, I was overweight, I suffered from chronic pain and had a stroke at 34.

I became a vegetarian when I was 15 and vegan in 2010, some time later I started to exercise to lose weight and I started yoga hoping it would help me with the pain, both were successful, but I gained so much more from my fitness and yoga journey.

I learnt to appreciate and understand my body, I learnt that fitness it is not just about how pretty your body looks but it's about being healthy, I learnt that I am far more capable than I thought I was, I learnt to love myself, I feel younger and healthier than ever, I sleep well, I don't stress anymore and most importantly I am happy.

In 2022 started training as powerlifter (and yes, you can be strong and build muscles as vegan) and added Pilates to my professional portfolio. I love learning new thing to make sure I could give my best to every client and I love to challenge my self by doing things I am not very good at to keep myself stimulated and motivated.

I strive to help people feel better, be healthier, feel less stressed and love themselves for who they are.

I don't believe in unsustainable fad diets or quick fix, rather, I consider more helpful to build a heathy habits for a better, lifelong, life-style

These are few of the reasons that made me want to study to become a PT, a yoga teacher and a Pilates instructor.


Now, I want to hear your story!

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