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My story in a nutshell...

I was very unhealthy for most of my life, I was drinking too much, I had bad eating habits, I was overweight, I suffered from chronic pain and had a stroke at 34.

I started exercising to lose weight and I started yoga hoping it would help me with the pain, both were successful, but I gained so much more from my fitness and yoga journey.

I learnt to appreciate and understand my body, I learnt that fitness it is not just about how pretty your body looks but it's about being healhty, I learnt that I am far more capable than I thought I was, I learnt to love myself, I feel younger and healthier than ever, I sleep well, I don't stress anymore and most importantly I am happy.

I would love to help people feel better, be healthier, feel less stressed and love themselves for who they are.

These are few of the reasons that made me want to study to become a PT and a yoga teacher.

Now I am a qualified Level 2 and Level 3 personal trainer, CIMSPA member and finishing my qualification as yoga teacher.

Now, I want to hear your story!




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