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Discover 3 Powerful Benefits of Bench Press! (For women)

1** Increase Upper Body Strength** As we all know, women have strong legs but a weaker upper body strength compared to men (and many women only train legs making that gap even bigger). The Bench Press works pectorals, deltoids and triceps and it can be a big help in balancing muscle strength across the body ( and it also helps to prevent those boobs from heading south with age, like a natural bra lift 😉)

2** Improve Bone Density**. As any exercise involving resistance training, the Bench Press can help increase bone density, which is incredibly important for women, as we are at a higher risk of osteoporosis than men (how lucky, ah?!)

3** Enhance Metabolic Rate**. Be honest! who doesn’t want to have a healthy metabolism? Resistance training and in this case the Bench Press, can help build muscle mass, which means increased metabolic rate, which means burning more calories, leading to a better control of the weight and body fat and reduced risk of obesity and other health issues related.


💬DM me if you need help starting your fitness journey!

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