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This exercise is called SHOULDER DISLOCATION, I know, sounds a bit scary, but trust me, it's really good to keep your shoulders healthy!

Here is how you can start

🔺Use a light resistance band

🔺Hold it as wide as you need

🔺Keep a neutral spinal alignment (of you do it on the floor it's easier to keep the alignment, a little harder to perform the exercise, but it's a good place to start)

🔺Keep your elbow and wrists in line and your arms straight

🔺Circle your arms all the way back towards your hips (or wherever you can reach, remember: safety first!!)

🔺 Control the movement, do it slowly.

🔺When you start to feel more comfortable, you can narrow your grip or move to a small, light bar and eventually even a lifting bar, to build more strength!

✨ BONUS: I like to hold for a few breaths when my arms are on line with the shoulders, at the back of my body, for a great chest stretch, especially after a workout!


🎯 It helps strengthen the muscles and tendons around the shoulder

🎯 Stronger muscles and tendons means more stability, which means better performance and less risk of getting injured

🎯It helps lubricate the joint, so it could be useful to perform before exercise

🎯 It helps relieve stiffness on the rotator cuff

🎯 It improves shoulder mobility and flexibility

▶️ Try the different variations and let me know how you find it ⬇️

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